7 Unique Things About Panama

Let’s start planning your panama bachelor party right now, and if you are here it is because you have chosen this beautiful country to celebrate what will be the most important party of your life. Then you have chosen well, Panama is not only known for the canal that joins two oceans, it is also known for being a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches, beautiful women, and wonderful nightlife.

With 75,517 square kilometers and in the middle of two oceans, it is considered a small cosmopolitan paradise that connects South America with Central America. That is why in this article we will show you 10 things that make it unique and unrepeatable.

Whales that reach the Gulf of Panama

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8,000 kilometers of travel to reach a temperate climate found in the waters of Panama: that is the route that humpback whales take from Antarctica, according to the UNDP. In fact, the entity points out that the Gulf of Panama “is witness to the longest migration carried out by a mammal.” Two populations of these animals arrive there, those that come from Alaska and arrive in Panama between January and March and those from Antarctica that are seen between July and October. Here they breed “and bring their young into the world, offering a unique show for tourists, scientists and locals.”

The Panama canal

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Considered one of the greatest engineering works in history, with more than a million visitors a year, the interoceanic route of the Panama Canal has been connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic since 1914. In addition, with the expansion it had in 2016 it became the may receiver of world maritime trade ships. About 14,500 boats pass through this place every year and the boats have been built taking into account the original dimensions of the canal: 330 meters long by 33.5 meters last night.

The thousands of tourists who come to celebrate their Panama bachelor party choose the Panama Canal as their first place to visit.

Coiba National Park

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Here you will find the refuge of several endangered species – such as the harpy eagle – and a biodiversity that catapulted it as a natural laboratory for scientific research. The Coiba National Park, which protects the island of the same name and 38 other islands and islets, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005. With marine environments that combine characteristics of continental and oceanic influence, the park has unique landscapes that are accompanied by endemic species of mammals, birds and plants. As the Panama tourism page says, “Think about the number and size of the fish you have seen and double it, this will give you an idea of the promise of diving in Isla Coiba!”

Panama Viejo and historic district

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Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1997, the city of Panama Viejo is the first European settlement on the Pacific coast of America. The conqueror Pedrarias Dávila founded it in 1519 and, Unesco explains, “its checkerboard layout is an excellent example of the European conception of urban planning”. Its foundation was due to the Spanish discovery of the South Sea in 1913.

The largest pearl island in the world

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Like something out of a movie or a dream of paradise, Contadora Island is covered with white sand beaches and green and turquoise waters. Perhaps it sounds familiar to you because the largest pearl in the world was found here and it was the collection center before they were sent to Spain in colonial times. You only need to take a ferry from Panama City to enjoy activities such as snorkeling, diving and surfing under its clear sea. You can also sail or just enjoy the view.

An inhabited volcanic crater

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The Anton Valley is one of the largest inhabited volcanic craters in the world. And it only takes you 1.5 hours to get there from Panama City. Here the birds and the virgin areas are protagonists. You can hike, climb, and even take horseback riding. It also attracts for its cool climate. You only need to take a ferry from Panama City to enjoy activities such as snorkeling, diving and surfing under its clear sea. You can also sail or just enjoy the view.

One of the most expensive typical costumes in the world

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Lace, flowery, fabrics and jewelry: all in one suit. Yes, the Panamanian pollera, one of the most elaborate typical dresses on the planet, brings together the origins and traditions of the region, in addition to embodying the joy of Panama. It is made up of two separate parts, the shirt and the pollerón, which are adorned with fine fabrics. The costume also includes a series of jewels and the tembleque, which goes on the head together with the bow. The original Panamanian skirts, which are hand-embroidered and can take years to finish, are therefore considered one of the most expensive clothing in the world. You only need to take a ferry from Panama City to enjoy activities such as snorkeling, diving and surfing under its clear sea. You can also sail or just enjoy the view.
As you can see, Panama is a very versatile place, full of history and a lot of culture to offer visitors who come from other countries. The warmth of its people, its exclusive places make it very special.

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